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PS5 Restock Tracker (May 2021): Check Inventory At Best Buy, Walmart, And More

It’s been six months since the launch of the PlayStation 5 last fall, and the stock situation still hasn’t stabilized. Though millions of people have been able to secure the PS5 or PS5 Digital, there are plenty of people out there who are still looking to upgrade. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re one of them. Although it may seem extremely difficult to buy a PS5 at times (it often is), it’s not impossible to snag one at retail price. Each week, we see multiple restocks at major retailers. Both Best Buy and Walmart had the console in stock last week, but each retailer sold out nearly instantly. It’s been a slower few weeks for PS5 restocks, but hopefully that picks up soon. The most challenging part of PS5 restocks is being ready at the right time, as restocks are rarely announced with much notice. We’ve yet to see a restock this week, but it’s still very early, and we imagine at least a couple will pop up.

At this point, you’re probably familiar with the Twitter culture that has sprung up around PS5 restocks–as frustrating as it can be to click through only to find the console already sold out, this still remains one of the best ways to successfully buy a PS5, especially if you have notifications turned on. Checking the store listings every day is a good idea as well, as you’ll sometimes see the PS5 pop up without notice at Walmart or Best Buy.

At this time, there’s no word on when the next PS5 restock will occur, but you can count on it popping up somewhere soon–that pattern has become fairly reliable. As soon as we hear news, we’ll include it here. In the meantime, you can check availability at major retailers here, and read on for the latest news and our best tips for snagging a PS5.

How to buy a PS5: Our best tips

Being able to buy a PS5 is largely a matter of luck and timing, but there are ways to boost your chances of actually securing Sony’s new console.

  • Follow restock accounts on Twitter and turn on notifications: Accounts like Wario64, Spiel Times, PS5 Restock Alert, and PS5 Stock Alerts will tweet when PlayStation Direct and other stores have PS5 stock, and turning on notifications will ensure you don’t miss any news (however, note that accounts like Wario64 tweet about deals and non-PS5 news as well). Of course, we tweet PS5 restock information on our own account, GameSpot Deals, as well.

    PS5 availability at GameStop

    GameStop had PS5 bundles in stock on April 28, exactly two weeks after its previous last restock.

    PS5 availability at Walmart

    Walmart last had the PS5 in stock on May 6. Stock sold out almost instantly.

    PS5 availability at Best Buy

    Best Buy’s last online PS5 restock was on May 6. Best Buy didn’t have any stock on store shelves throughout the entire holiday season, but the retailer has stated that consoles will be available in stores in 2021. We suggest checking with your local Best Buy store in case of availability.

    PS5 availability at Target

    Target’s most recent restock was on April 28. Though Target didn’t have any PS5 availability for months after the console’s launch, we’ve seen several restocks from the retailer recently–usually for in-store pickup only.

    PS5 availability at Amazon

    Amazon has been the least reliable retailer when it comes to PS5 restocks–we’ve barely seen the next-gen console in stock there since launch. The most recent Amazon PS5 restock happened on April 24.

    Where to buy PS5 accessories

    Some PS5 accessories are hard to find in stock, but there are great third-party options.
    Some PS5 accessories are hard to find in stock, but there are great third-party options.

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