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Want To Write For GameSpot In 2021? Here’s How

Are you an experienced freelancer with an established history of writing for the biggest publications? Are you a beginner writer who’s aspiring to break into the industry? Or are you somewhere in between? Whatever your experience level, GameSpot may have an opportunity for you.

We’re on the lookout for writers to join us as freelancers and contributing writers, creating a variety of content types covering video games, gaming-focused technology (such as gaming PCs, components, peripherals, and more), and pop culture-focused entertainment. We need news writers, reviewers, features specialists, regular contributors, guides experts, and much more. If you’re a writer with a strong interest in games, tech, and games culture, then we may have work for you. And yes, these are 100% paid gigs, with article rates based on content types. While we’re primarily looking for US-based writers, we’ll also consider applications from anywhere in the world, so don’t let geography stop you from applying if you’re interested.

So what do you need to do to write for us? Just follow the steps below.

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