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Stranger Things Season 3 Was A Huge Success, Here’s How Many People Watched

The newest season of Stranger Things was a massive success in terms of viewership. According to Netflix, 64 million Netflix member households watched the show over its first month. That makes it Netflix’s most-watched original show ever.

A “view” according to Netflix is when an account watches 70 percent of an episode of a show or 70 percent of a movie. The new streaming numbers were revealed as part of Netflix’s latest earnings report.

Stranger Things Season 3 opened to 40.7 million viewers in less than a week after its July 4 premiere, so the bigger numbers revealed this week are not surprising. According to Netflix, 18.2 million accounts finished the entirety of Season 3 in less than a week.

If you haven’t yet dived in, you can check out our Stranger Things Season 3 review for thoughts on how it’s bounced back from Season 2.

Stranger Things Season 4 was announced in October, and the first teaser suggests the show may move out of Hawkins for the new season. Netflix typically releases Stranger Things news around Halloween, so keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

For lots more on Stranger Things 3 and what’s to come, check out the story below (but beware, it contains spoilers!)

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